Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Original Cum On Clothes Material?

Even though the cum on clothes fetish seems to become more and more popular, it is still hard to find new, original and exciting material. Mostly, the same pics and clips get posted over and over again. (With a few exceptions of amateurs that once in a while post unbelievably hot new stuff, like, for example -->THIS<-- amazing pic by Hotwife Fia! Thanks Fia darling for being so deliciously nasty! :D)

So I thought it might be nice to try to establish a place dedicated to showing of new and original cum on clothes fetish material. One way of doing this would be to open a new private blog which will contain only material submitted by the members of the blog. The idea would be that people must submit some original material in order to gain access and that in this way we can gather some new exciting pictures and nasty clips. What do you guys think? Is there any interest in this kind of thing? Would any readers of this blog be willing to submit some of their own stuff?

[Just to be clear: The topic would be cum on the clothes of dressed ladies - I am not very much interested in pics of e.g. just cum on some piece of underwear... ;)]

Cum On Jeans Ass

More cum on jeans ass - nothing wrong with that, right? A nice clip here - she ties up his cock and balls, gives him a quick handjob until he makes himself cum all over her jeans ass. Do you like this kind of setting? Mhmm, I know I do... :D

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cum On Jeans Ass

Some of these may be reposts. But hey; better twice than not at all, right?

Love cum on a tight-jeans-asses. What about you?

Even More Animated Cum On Clothes GIFs

Hotwife Fia Cum On Clothes

You may have seen these already, for they have been around for a while now. However, these cum on clothes pics from hotwife fia are so amazingly, well, hot, that I just had to dedicate a post to them. Wow, I mean just look at these! Such a hot lady, such nice kinky outfits. And, to top it all off, such great photography! I wish all smut was this clean!

Definitely check hotwife fia out here!