Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cum On Heather's Clothes

I'm sure some of you have met Heather - you can find her diary to the right, in my link section. Heather is an amazing lady. Here is what she had to say the other day:

It was suggested that I do some “cum on clothes” photos for my blog when I was in the chat room the other night by a reader called ‘Cumonclothes’, oddily enough. So not to shy away from a challenge my Husband invited his friend over on Friday evening for a drink and to help out with the photos. I was wearing a black shiny evening dress with a split that ran all the way up to my pussy and some really slutty looking pink satin knickers.
Can you imagine what happend next? Well, you should definitley check it out. And please give the lovely Heather the appreciation she deserves - maybe she will bless us with more cum on clothes escapades, if you encourage her!

Check out her great post here!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cum On Silk Panties

What an adorable, beautifully shaped ass! And these panties are also very nice. No wonder he squirted his load all over them.

If you enjoy what you find on this blog, let me know. I'm really into comments and feedback. Oh, and into cum on panties. Did I mention that?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cum On Leather Jacket!

Thanks for participating, everyone! Here is your well deserved reward.

Of course she takes it all on her coat - after all, as Anonymous rightly pointed out, this IS the Cum On Clothes Blog!

I hope you enjoy this post - spread the word and keep the comments cumming!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cum On Leather Jacket?

OK let's play a little game.

There is this hot girl wearing a nice leather jacket. She is kneeling in front of you and giving you a decent blowjob, but all you can think about is cumming on her leather jacket. You would just love to mess up her coat and the thought is driving you nuts.

But will she let you? Will she let you spill your jizz all over her clothes?

Here is the deal. Once there are at least 5 (individual) comments to this post, I will reveal the answer. You know you want to take a look!

Cum On Shirt

There should be more pics of cum on tight black shirts. Don't you agree? It looks so slutty and the dark colour makes the jizz stand out so nicely.

Any girls / couples reading this: feel free to fill in this niche!