Monday, November 7, 2011

Cum On Her Business Outfit

This lady likes to be used. And she likes to be looked at. And her husband is willing to share her. Let them know what you think of her.



  1. So Hot! Love this kind of kinky cumshot on casual or formal wear. Hope she makes more, shes hot.xx

  2. The blazer with cum on it is so hot. I love that mix of deviant with mainstream. Makes you wonder what she was doing. Was it for fun? Was it for gain? Was it real? Was it a scene? So many questions all leading to the same, awesome, conclusion.

  3. "I love that mix of deviant with mainstream."

    I know exactly what you mean and I couldn't agree more!

    "Was it for fun? Was it for gain? Was it real? Was it a scene? So many questions"

    I know that her husband took a look at this website. Maybe he would care to elaborate...?

  4. This is too hot! I love to cum on skirts and business outfits and this pictures are driving me mad!

  5. Now that's more like it!!! I'm a real fan of office seduction. I think the appeal of making a guy cum on my blouse and pearls, has something to do with the office being a place where you're just not supposed to express yourself sexually. "Tease em till they wanna explode" - that's my motto ;)

  6. She didn't even bother to clean that mess, and just let it dry onto her secretary suit to stand out like an eye sore.

    Love dried cum stains!!
    It takes a daring woman to let a man cum on her outfit.
    Even more so, exponentially more daring to let that cum sit there and marched around for all to see.
    Fuck, I love her!