Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cum On Her Top

Oh boy, her breasts were big. All real, natural, big boobies. They were starting to sag a little, as she was not in her twenties anymore. I did not mind at all. Her breasts were gorgeous - soft and firm at the same time, voluptuous, warm. I do not have a small cock by any means, but when she squeezed her tits together, I could sink its whole length in between them. And so I fucked her boobs for quite a while, pushing myself into her, sliding back and forth as she held her breasts with her hands, making her cleavage real tight, slippery, wet.

I had told her beforehand that I wanted to titfuck her, but that I wanted something special in the end. Something a little more on the fetish side. So I brought myself close to orgasm between her tits for a few times. When I could not bear it anymore, I pulled back.

"Put your outfit on" I told her.

She smiled. "So, you really wanna cum all over my clothes?"

"Yes. I really do!" I replied.

She smiled again.

"Alright" she said, as she hoisted her heavy breasts into her bra. "I will let you spill your cum all over my top. I will let you make it all dirty and slippery."

She slipped into her top, closed the zip in the front. It was very tight over her large tits. She knelt before me. I could see that her cleavage was still wet from all the precum my cock had oozed onto her while I was pounding her tits. She gave me another naughty smile.

"Come on then, nasty boy, wank yourself off and make your dick cum all over my clothes!"

I stood right before her, feeling my balls heavy with cum, feeling it welling up inside me. My cock was rock hard. It only took a few strokes, and something exploded inside of me. First in my mind, then in my balls, then at the tip of my cock. My cum burst out, soiling her shirt, some of it hitting the crack between her boobs. I kept pumping. When I was nearly done, I rubbed the last drops of semen from my glans into the cloth of her top. It felt rough against my cock. Rough, but very satisfying.

[True story. True pictures. All my own. Any thoughts?]


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cum On Panties

She is wearing nice cotton panties and receives a cum load all over her panty crotch. Mhmm. Then she plays with the cum for a little while, which makes the whole thing even better. Don't you agree?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cum On Jeans

Some nice pics if you like tight jeans. I have somewhat of a jeans fetish myself. I really like the first one, where she has cum on her jeans ass.